Supplemental Classroom Instruction

Violence Prevention Supplemental Curriculum


Social Media Essentials

In an effort to provide BPA members with the essential skills, tools and understanding to help prepare for today’s competitive academic and professional placements, Business Professionals of America has partnered with Social Assurity to co-create and promote a series of online courses about the opportunities social media can provide. Through each unique eCourse, Social Assurity will address the importance of building a positive and productive social media presence, as well as how the permanence and discoverability of an individual’s digital footprint can help, rather than obstruct, future academic and professional pursuits.


Youth Suicide & Self-Harm Prevention: 2017 Resource Guide

This guide divides selected resources into seven main sections: (1) Organizations, (2) Policy and Legislation, (3) Evidence-Based Practices, (4) Program Planning, (5) Campaigns, (6) Data and Research, and (7) Resources and Publications. There are subsections on (1) Bullying; (2) Family; (3) Electronic, Social, and Mass Media; (4) Mental Health; (5) Schools; (6) Substance Use; (7) Self-Harm; (8) LGBTQ Youth; (9) American Indian/Alaska Native Youth; and (10) Rural Youth. Each topic-specific section contains organizations, web pages, evidence-based practices, workshops, toolkits, reports, fact sheets, archived webinars, and journal articles, which appear in that order.



U OK? is a student-involved program seeking to not only to help those most at risk, but also to equip school communities with the skills they need to recognize warning signs, help friends in need, and know where to go for help. The program provides resources for hosting outreach and events in your school and the local community.


Peer Helping Program Trainings

Trainings on establishing a Peer Helping Program, becoming a trainer of peer helpers, using online mediation, and more.


NetSmartz Workshop

NetSmartz Workshop is an educational program that teaches kids and teens ages 5-17 about online safety and digital citizenship. NetSmartz offers free, age-appropriate resources including videos, games, presentations, and classroom lessons to help children learn how to protect themselves and their friends online.


Religious Literacy for Educators

The course exposes teachers to the diversity of religious practice within Montgomery County and the United States as a whole while giving them the tools and knowledge to return to their classrooms in the fall empowered to incorporate religion into their lessons and build safe spaces for all students.