Challenges, Contests & Scholarships

Injury Related Challenges, Contests & Scholarships


Distracted Driving Video & Meme Contest

Annual co-sponsored contest focused on creating distracted driving prevention videos and memes.


Conor Lynch Memorial Scholarship

The scholarship’s goal is to support youth (ages 16-21) who have made a demonstrated positive impact on their community through service, mentorship and activism.


Create Real Impact Contest

The contest is an opportunity to produce and showcase socially conscious art and get recognized for it, an opportunity to earn educational grants for both students and schools, and an opportunity to create real impact.



This contest allows youth to create a storyboard or script to help prevent drowsy driving.

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Seat Belts Save

A four-week campaign designed to educate teen drivers about the dangers of riding in a car without wearing a seat belt, and increase the number of teens who regularly wear a seat belt while driving or riding in a car.


Annual Driving the Message Contest

Youth can create a poster about the dangers of distracted driving.
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Annual Video Challenge

Influence safe driving behavior among teens by making a video that inspires your peers to drive safely.